Teeth Whitening in Pasadena, TX

Cosmetic teeth whitening can have a positive impact on your confidence levels and personal life. Many of us try to smile with closed lips or hide our smiles behind our hands to hide stained or discolored teeth from public view.

While every one of us would love to sport a beautiful smile, not all of us are endowed with white teeth. Safe, effective, and skilled teeth whitening can get you that selfie-worthy smile and give the confidence to smile a lot. We like to smile more when we like our own smile.

Well, getting those enviable pearly whites are easier than you’d imagined with the personalized procedures at Dental Land Pasadena dentist TX . Getting your teeth whitened at our office in Pasadena is not only safe but also effective. While teeth whitening effects can last for a long time, in fact, with a healthy lifestyle, teeth whitening can last for up to three years.

However, smoking, drinking wine, and frequently indulging in coffee drinking and so on can stain teeth faster. Our in-house dental consultants will be glad to provide guidance on oral home care after teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Procedures at Dental Land

It’s best to gather more information about teeth whitening before you decide to get it done. For example, teeth whitening tends to be most effective on yellowish discolorations and may be less effective on stains left behind from tetracycline medications.

Once you’re comfortable, the dentist will gently slip in a lip-re-tractor into your oral cavity to keep your lips out of the way as he or she works on your teeth. They will then apply a protective gel around your gums and harden it with curing light. This prevents your gums from getting affected by the bleaching chemical.

In addition, the dentist may apply a numbing gel to your teeth to prevent the increase of sensitivity. They will use a peroxide solution to bleach your teeth. The number of applications will depend on the nature and number of stains and the extent of discoloration.

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