Pasadena Family Dentistry Suitable for All Members of Your Family

Pasadena Family Dentistry Suitable for All Members of Your Family

Aug 10, 2020

Are you looking for a new dentist in Pasadena, TX? You may have heard about family dentistry quite often, but do you know what the phrase means in reality? Is it different from a general dentist or a dental specialist? What can you expect from the dentist Pasadena, TX?

The dentist in Pasadena wants patients to be well informed about the services they provide for the entire family. Given below is some helpful information about what you can expect from family dentistry.

Pasadena Family Dentistry Offers General, Preventive, and Comprehensive Treatments for All Ages

Every dentist in Pasadena is not a family dentist. Dental professionals working as family dentists have received minimal training for treating children, although they are not specialized pediatric dentists. It indicates that family dentistry intends to help you address not just your oral health needs but also with children’s dentistry during different stages of life.

Family dentists understand children have different dental needs compared to adults and are trained to deliver specialized care and make sure their unique oral hygiene needs are satisfied.

Family dentistry is better considered as a one-stop-shop for the needs of your entire family. The dental professionals in practice can care for children’s teeth and dental health from infancy through adolescence and well into adulthood. The dental professionals understand changes occur faster in a child’s mouth and are trained to provide a gentle and caring approach to dentistry. They ensure your child always has a positive experience when an appointment is scheduled for children’s dentistry.

What Can Be Expected from Family Dentistry Services?

Family dentists generally offer services related to oral hygiene and preventive dentistry. However, some may also offer orthodontic treatments, oral surgery for dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. The most common services in general dentistry offered by family dentists include:

  • Regular cleanings and exams every six months are extremely important because they allow the dentist to monitor the health of your mouth or your child’s oral hygiene.
  • Dental sealants and fluoride treatments for children to help combat cavities as it is a chronic problem among children.
  • Identifying cavities and fillings as the dentists specialize in identifying and treating them. Cavities are entirely preventable but are common in children’s mouths.
  • Performing orthodontic assessments to determine whether your child has crooked or misaligned teeth is also a service provided by family dentists. Family dentists may refer you to an orthodontist for the treatment but can undoubtedly assess your condition within their facility.
  • If cavities are chronic among children, gum disease is a significant concern among 50 percent of adults in the United States. Family dentists can perform deep cleanings, flap surgery, and prescribe antibiotics to combat gingivitis or gum disease.

Establishing contact with Pasadena family dentistry gives you a dental home that you can contact whenever any problem affects a member of your family. If you need an emergency dental appointment, you can rest assured the dental professionals at the facility are happy to offer treatments promptly without making you run around town searching for an emergency dentist near you.

Besides all the services mentioned above, family dentists also perform oral cancer screenings during regular visits to the dentist’s office. It is a method to identify abnormal growths or lesions in your mouth that may indicate the presence of cancer. It does not mean you are affected by or prone to the problem. Still, it is just a preventive measure to make sure any abnormalities are detected early and treated before they progress into a concerning issue.

Pasadena family dentistry prides itself on delivering the best dental care for your entire family. They accept same-day appointments, and the dental professionals love meeting new patients. If you want further convincing, you can read patient testimonials confirming we are the best in the region from the vast number of patients we are treating for quite some time.

Your search for a new dental home ends on this page because you need not look any further and simply stop by at our office for a free consultation to understand who we are and how we can help you and your entire family. We are confident you will not be disappointed and will undoubtedly decide to make us your chosen family dentist.

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