Is Regular Dental Exam And Cleaning For You? Here Is What It Entails For You To Decide For Yourself

Is Regular Dental Exam And Cleaning For You? Here Is What It Entails For You To Decide For Yourself

May 01, 2020

If you visit a dentist or any medical practitioner, you will be advised to regular seek dental exams and cleaning. These professionals advice that these procedures should be conducted regularly. It is easy to dismiss these advice and calls for regular checkup often because of the associated costs. Often, patients compare the cost benefit of the regular visits and end up dismissing the necessity of having regular dental exams and cleaning. However, the decision can be properly made if the patients understand the importance of these procedures and what to expect when you visit a dentist. Here is a discussion of what you should expect when you visit a dentist.

An evaluation of your overall oral health and hygiene

During the examination, the primary aspect will be an evaluation of the condition of your oral health and the level of cleanliness of your teeth. Most dental issues are because of poor oral hygiene or untreated conditions. Issues such as dental decay are the product of poor dental health. The exams and cleaning prevent dental decay and ensures that any condition is addressed before it becomes severe leading to extreme measures such as tooth extraction.

An evaluation of tooth and root decay and gum and bone diseases

Tooth and root decay are progressive conditions that get worse if unattended. The same is the case for gum and bone disease. If left untreated over a long time, they may result to difficult conditions. The dental exam plays a critical role in evaluating the development of these conditions at early stages and recommending the necessary treatment to prevent them from getting serious.

Assess bite and jaw issues

The procedure is not just a merely tooth assessment issue. It involves an evaluation of your bite to address any possible emergence of physical damage to your teeth. Your jaws are also part of the dental structure and should be accorded the necessary attention. During these examinations, the conditions of the jaws are also subjected to tests.

Removal of stains or dirt from your teeth

The level of cleaning that you get from a dentist is more advanced compared to the domestic brushing of teeth. The process will involve removal of stains and deposits that are deeply seated within the teeth. Some of the stains and deposits hidden in deep cavity are not removal using the normal toothbrush or mouthwash. It is important to remove the stain to ensure that your teeth remain bright and the deposits if not removed, are the major causes of tooth decay.

Demonstrate the right way to cleaning your teeth

I know, if someone tells you that you do not know how to brush your teeth, it would sound like an insult. However, until you visit a dentist, you are not sure if you are doing it the right way. Your dentist will take you through the tooth cleaning process with every exam and cleaning session among other informative discussions that you will have.

You may have your tooth X-rayed

The dentist may want to see through your teeth and assess the state of your jaws. However, this procedure will be recommended if the dentist deems it necessary. You should expect a possible x-ray of your dental structure and other additional assessment to detect any irregularities or issues that may need immediate attention.

Assess you dentals for any tooth restoration or replacement

Part of the examination process includes assessment of the state of the teeth. The dentist evaluates your tooth to see if you need any corrective procedures or additional care. The dentist will assess whether the deformity in your tooth can be corrected through restoration procedures or whether the extent can only be addressed through replacement.

The adage prevention is better than cure always stands in most situations. The examination usually involves procedures such as Examine existing restorations and their state lest you may get complications out of unattended emerging issues. It also involves Gum disease evaluation to prevent possible tooth loss and Check for tooth decay so that you do not incur expensive corrective procedures. You will pay less for a dentist to Check for tooth decay, Examine existing restorations, and Gum disease evaluation during the cleaning and exam process than having a dentist correct emerging situations out of neglect.

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