A Guide to Dental Veneers and How to Use Them

A Guide to Dental Veneers and How to Use Them

Jan 01, 2022

Dental veneers are an excellent tool prescribed by many dentists to their patients to fix various problems with their teeth. Dental veneers have repeatedly proven they are versatile tools in the armory of dentists to repair and rejuvenate teeth. Porcelain helps make dental veneers wafer-thin surfaces mimicking the tooth enamel perfectly to provide a smile you find challenging to achieve naturally.

Dental veneers correct a plethora of problems, including minor chips and cracks, breakages, gaps between your teeth, discolored teeth, et cetera, while also providing structural support to enable patients to smile confidently. In addition, as dental veneers closely match the shade of the enamel, they remain virtually unnoticeable after placement. Therefore if you decide to correct various imperfections with your teeth by getting dental veneers from the dentist 77502, rest assured your teeth will have an excellent appearance with no one realizing you have dental veneers over them.

The Placement of Dental Veneers

The placement of dental veneers begins with a consultation with the dentist in Pasadena when the dentist determines whether the patient is a suitable candidate for dental veneers. During the consultation, the dentist evaluates the patient’s teeth and discusses the type and scope of the veneers, and conducts a smile analysis to determine the patient’s unique needs. After the consultation, the dentist completes cosmetic imaging to show the patient how their smile may look like.

After the dentist decides dental veneers are a suitable option, they will schedule an appointment for the placement. During the second appointment, the dentist in Pasadena, TX, removes a tiny portion of tooth enamel about a few millimeters. Tooth enamel removal helps the porcelain veneers fit the tooth snugly, ensuring a smooth contour exists to provide the veneer a natural appearance.

The dentist also makes an impression of the teeth for the dental lab to customize the veneers. Patients receive temporary veneers over their teeth until the lab creates the permanent veneers in approximately three to four weeks. Patients can schedule another appointment with the dentist after the dental lab returns the permanent placements. During the second appointment, the Pasadena dentist checks the shade, shape, and size of the veneer and tweaks them to make them appear perfectly natural in the patient’s mouth. The dental veneer placement procedure proceeds only after the patient confirms they are happy with the appearance of the surface. Finally, the dentist uses dental cement to adhere the veneer to the targeted tooth to provide stability.

How to Use Dental Veneers?

After completing the dental veneer placement procedure, you are free to use them any way you want. Porcelain veneers help fix many problems with your teeth. For example, veneers are extensively used to repair teeth that have cracked, chipped, or broken. Veneers are a preferable solution to dental crowns requiring extensive tooth structure removal by filing the natural tooth.

Porcelain veneers also help whiten discolored teeth not responsive to in-office teeth whitening treatments. It was Hollywood that promoted the fad of perfect white teeth hiding dental imperfections behind porcelain veneers. When teeth don’t respond to peroxide-based whitening treatments, a practical option is to remove a tiny portion of the tooth enamel to replace it with a dental veneer to display beautiful teeth.

Patients with minor issues with their teeth and reluctant to seek orthodontic treatments with braces can consider dental veneers to fix dental flaws like minor issues with their bite, adjusting the shape and size of the tooth, and fixing minor gaps making their teeth appear ungainly. However, patients with complicated situations of the above must seek orthodontic treatment to fix the problems with their teeth.

Dental veneers from Dental Land do not require any special attention besides brushing and flossing your teeth as you regularly did and scheduling appointments with your dentist for cleanings and exams.

When using dental veneers, patients must exercise caution not to bite on complex and challenging foods for fear of damaging the porcelain veneers. The placements on the patient’s teeth are stain-resistant and will not discolor like the natural teeth. However, patients indulging in pigmented foods and beverages and develop discoloration on their natural teeth making the veneers stand out like a sore thumb. Therefore, besides the minor care, patients are recommended to refrain from biting on ice, candy, fingernails, and using their teeth for purposes other than chewing or biting.

Patients considering dental veneers to cover minor dental flaws will receive help from the Pasadena dentist if they contact them for consultations about dental veneers.

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